What is the effect of smoking on human health?

What is the effect of smoking on human health?

Smoking is a bad habit, and it is very harmful to human health. Anything that is taken too much can be harmful and can really damage the internal parts of your body. However, you may be wondering how smoking can affect your health. Well, many reasons can explain this question. You should know that along with cigarette smoke, you also carry nicotine in your body. Nicotine is a very harmful drug and if you start taking it in large quantities, it is the only thing that makes you addicted to smoking.

Smoking once or twice may not do much harm, but the nicotine in cigarettes can make you addicted, and then you will never quit.

Many people in this world have not benefited from smoking at all and on the other hand, they have lost their lives. Therefore, if you smoke, you are advised to quit smoking as soon as possible and save your life. Each puff of cigarette shortens your life by eleven minutes. That way, you have to die before your time. Even in Eastern and Central Europe, more than 400,000 premature deaths are caused by smoking each year. And who would want to have tar in their lungs inside their body?

The following are some of the major effects of smoking on human health:

  • Cause of Baldness
  • Cause of Lung Cancer
  • Effect on Brain
  • Effect on Skin
  • Effect on Bones

Cause of Baldness

Hair loss is often a sign of aging. Smokers already know that they may have this problem. Still, they smoke. According to recent medical findings, hair loss at an early age has been linked to rapid growth. But this symptom is mostly found in smokers. Keep in mind that smoking will not cause hair loss in people who do not smoke. If you want your hair to always be wavy on your head and you to keep touching it, then you have to quit smoking. In this way, non-smoking can prevent hair loss.

Cause of Lung Cancer

The biggest effect of smoking on your health is that it also causes damage to your lungs. The tar coating, which is formed from a mixture of nicotine and tobacco and is present in cigarettes,

It starts to build up in your lungs. That is why it is so popular that smoker’s lungs turn black. You have no way to get rid of this coating, and if you smoke too much you will have to stick with it. Elevated levels of nicotine cause your blood to clot. Simply put, your body slowly begins to break down.

Effect on Brain

Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals and none of them are good for your health and body. The body’s functioning can be disturbed by these chemicals. Brain cells are important for a normal and healthy life and person. When they are disturbed, they do not grow again as any other cell can. Then, the brain can never return to its original state. When a person smokes, the body and mind suffer more.

Many times when teenagers start smoking, they will try for something else that can be harmful, and start taking more dangerous drugs. These drugs will cause even more damage to the brain and health problems. Smoking can lead to a person who is afflicted with pain and health problems from a healthy and active person. No one wants to face that condition.

Effect on Skin

Some of the symptoms of your skin being affected by smoking are – blemished and complex skin, pale or uneven skin, and yellow-looking skin. Smoking blocks your skin of important nutrients like oxygen and, more importantly, fluids.

Smoking is behind your itchy skin. The collagen and elasticity of your skin will be destroyed because of Excess chemicals and toxins in tobacco.

In the skin smoking damages the blood vessels which makes the smoker’s wrinkle a little sharper. That way, people get older faster.

Effect on Bones

Smoking has a profound effect on human bones which makes human bones very weak and makes it impossible for a person to walk in his old age. This is why smoking makes a person feel tired.


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