7 Unique Stress Reduction Tips

  Nowadays, there are many reasons for stress. It often strikes us suddenly, or it may be due to some unpleasant event. Whatever stresses us, it is important that we try to fight with it and take steps to reduce it. There are all sorts of ways to handle and reduce the stress that alone can make you peaceful – first what to do? Here are 7 unique tips to help you reduce and handle stress levels. I hope you find will them interesting and useful.

Tip 1: Aromatherapy

Good things such as well fresh air, fresh bread, etc, smells good. And good fragrance can help us to reduce and alleviate stress. Especially some perfume therapy that includes lavender essential oil. It’s easy to do too. Pick up some lavender oil and spray it into the room – immediately you will feel a calming effect of gentle aromatherapy. Also try all kinds of other essential oils, including rose oil, frankincense, and vanilla oil. Breathing in the scent of essential oils stimulates the vascular nerves inside your nose. Heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, memory, stress levels, and hormonal balance can be controlled by this limbic system.

Tip 2: Sing Your Favorite Song

Stress can be reduced by the simple act of singing that helps to release hormones to reduce stress. So if you can, sing a little to yourself in the car or shower. Or alone at home – don’t be shy and sing with your favorite artist. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the music if you don’t like singing. Don’t you feel better later?

Tip 3: Squeeze the stress ball

Squeezing on a stress ball. It is a simple act that helps reduce stress. Stress balls are easily available everywhere – you should buy a pair for yourself. You can put one at work and one at home. Then when you feel stress – squeeze it! Squeeze the ball as long as you want. Doesn’t that help reduce stress and tension?

Tip 4: Coloring

Coloring can also help to reduce stress. I have fond memories of a very young child spending time with coloring books. There was no easy time and no internet after that. Now, we have coloring books, especially for adults. Having a book and a packet of colored pencils for half an hour or more (or as long as you like) can be very therapeutic and relaxing, which can wreak havoc on your imagination. There is nothing right or wrong only color and tension. And there’s the bonus of appreciating your own work! Next time you’re in town or pick up a coloring book and pencil from your favorite online retailer.

Tip 5: Glass half full

What kind of person you are? Half full (optimistic) or glass half empty (pessimistic). We all have different tendencies, although we can bend one way more than the other. If we see things as glass-half-empty, it can mean that we see the bad side of things and this can lead to stress and anxiety. If this is you – try to get rid of this mentality and start looking for positive in any situation – the glass is half full. It is said that every problem has an opportunity and negative can be turned into positive. So the next time you start to feel stressed – take a moment to think and try to focus on them instead of being “positive glass half empty”.

Tip 6: Yoga

Inner peace is related to yoga, practicing yoga also helps to reduce and deal with stress due to mental state. It’s easy to go with some basic exercises before you haven’t tried yoga before. There may be a local group that you should join or you may have a friend who practices yoga regularly and from whom you can learn. Or just buy yourself a yoga mat and book or download YouTube and watch many more instructional videos of yoga that you can follow. Due to practicing yoga, you can reduce stress and got general health benefits such as flexibility and muscle tone.

Tip 7: Comfortable voices

This stress-reduction tip is related to the pleasant place tip we saw earlier. The peaceful sound can help you relax and relieve stress. Just like closing your eyes and going to your happy place, listening to a relaxing sound for a while can have the same effect. It can be a song of birds, a waterfall, a gentle ripple, a whale song, and so on – whatever works for you. Soft-sounding CDs, streaming, and downloads are available everywhere. Plug earphones in, listen, relax and feel the stress leave you.  

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